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We had fun, laughed, rocked, screamed, got our skank on, made a LOT of people legal saints, had some drinks, had some more drinks, had people steady us so we wouldn't fall over, watched some amazing bands and some incredible works of cinematic wonderment and baptized over 40 people into the Church of Ed Wood!

I, Reverend Steve, send my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Lobo and his Cinema Insomnia zombies for making my lifelong dream come true, the good people at the Crest theater, all of the incredible bands but ESPECIALLY the winners of the 2004 Woodian Sainthood contest Flip the Switch (who are all really nice and rock ass, too), all the new Woodites who I baptized at the event (and even the ones who were wasted all to hell) and my deepest heartfelt thanks go out to Saint Natasha for standing beside me, my brother Joe who was the ONLY member of the ORIGINAL Edwoodstock who bothered to attend, and all the people from the Bar Nob who showed up just to support me which meant a whole hell of a lot to me.

Once again, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making my dreams come true. Here are a few photos from the event ...

The marque of the Crest theater proudly proclaiming the show.

Reverend Steve, Mr. Lobo, and Steve's daughter Emerald in front of the Ed-Woodstock poster before the show.

Reverend Steve and Mr. Lobo talking Wood and getting ready before the doors opened.

Flip the Switch gets ready in the loby of the Crest theater before the start of the event.

This was the long as hell banner that hung on the stage. It rocks ass. I only wish that I had kept it.

As the doors open, loyal Ed Wood fans and followers start to enter the theater ... 1/2

In the lobby, a place that got a LOT of people Wood-sized plastered ... the Flying Saucer Lounge!

There were actors all over the theater dressed as specific Ed Wood stable actors ... here's one of Dolores Fuller and here is one of Bela Lugosi dancing with a monster from the REAL worst film of all time, Robot Monster.

As the show starts, Reverend Steve and Mr. Lobo take the stage ... 1/2/3

The first band, Flip the Switch, went on that night to win the first ever Woodian Sainthood contest. They even wrote a brand song called "Plan 9" for the show ... 1/2/3

The second band of the evening was called "SACRAMENTO" ... 1/2/3/4/5

The third and final band were the Helper Monkeys and they rock ass ... 1/2/3/4

While all the musical madness was going on onstage, Reverend Steve his fiance Saint Natasha were busy in the lobby baptizing people in a kiddie pool full of film reels ... 1/2 ... and the rush to get baptized was so great that he sometimes had to baptize as many as four people at the same time ... 1/2

In between bands, Reverend Steve and Mr. Lobo gave away an Ed-Woodstock prize pack via a strange Woodian game of charades featuring people dressed as Ed Wood's friends and acting buddies ... 1/2/3

In what will one day go down in history as the world's first live mass cannonization, the entire band Flip the Switch got cannonized as saints on-stage!

and here are some various pictures of Reverend Steve screaming, yelling, rocking out, and generally spazzing hardcore on-stage while hosting Ed-Woodstock ... 1/2/3/4/5/6

And that's all the photos we have right now. Check back soon for even MORE wild and crazy Edwoodstock photos ...

On October 17th, 2004 at 6:00 pm The Church of Ed Wood and television's Cinema Insomnia will mount a massive festival of punk and rock bands and Edward D. Wood Jr. movies. It's going to be great Ed Wood films and kick ass rock and roll, some mondo massive music and some mucho manic Ed Wood vibes. It will be held in the legendary Crest theater in downtown Sacramento, California. It is called ED-WOODSTOCK and it will be the perfect mixture of a hardcore concert and a late night cult movie shockfest, all put in a blender and brought together by Edward D. Wood Jr.

This all ages music and movie festival is the culmination of a dream that Woodism founder Reverend Steve Galindo has had for a very long time, since 1992 to be exact, to have a huge music-slash-movie festival that like Woodism accepts people of ages and from all walks of life and brings them in to watch some incredible rock and punk and pop and ska bands and also watch some of Ed's greatest works on the big screen, including the full length Ed Wood feature film "BRIDE OF THE MONSTER!"

This October 17th, it's going to be music meets Woodism in a perfext mix of wild, lighthearted craziness. Listen in to some of the coolest bands in California play some of the best music ever, get your drink on at the bar and watch "Plan 9 from Outer Space," meet living, walking Ed Wood characters come to life, and learn and celebrate Ed Wood, the craziest director ever to hit Hollywood.

And don't worry. It's ok if you're not into music, not into late night horror fests, not a Woodite or even if you've never even heard of Ed Wood. You'll still have an amazing time. All that matters is that you have an open mind and that you are willing to rock out and have some fun. So leave your anger and your judgements behind and come bask in a warm glow of happiness and acceptance whilst rocking your ass to some killer music and the mad genius of the world's craziest movie maker, Edward D. Wood Jr!

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Greetings, my friends... syndicated TV horror host Mr. Lobo (Cinema Insomnia) - who presented b-filmmaker Ed Wood's notorious "Plan 9 from Outer Space" in 2002 and Tim Burton's biopic "Ed Wood" in 2003 at the Crest Theatre - has joined forces with cult film pontiff Reverend Steve from The Church of Ed Wood to bring you a special event called ED-WOODSTOCK. It happens Sunday, October 17 at 6pm in the main auditorium of the Crest, at 1013 K Street.

Three bands ("The Helper Monkeys", "Flip The Switch", and "Sacramento(the Band)") will rock your face, as psych-O-delic ED WOOD video montages from filmmaker's "Plan 9" and local auteur Ken Waller are shown behind them. One of these bands will be made a legal SAINT of Woodism on stage, based on your applause!

But if your ears aren't tuned to that crazy mixed-up noise the kids call music nowadays (sound familiar?) then you can drink yourself into an Edward D. Wood-style stupor at the plush Crest lounge and watch “Plan 9” projected on 16mm, until "Bride Of the Monster," the night's main feature, starts at at 8:30. Clips from other Ed Wood classics and a sneak preview of Ed Canfield's documentary "Criswell" will also be shown. You can find spiffy media coverage of the Church of Ed Wood and this event by wandering around Film Threat Online, Rue Morgue magazine (October issue) Premiere magazine (in the November issue, on sale October 10th) and the October 14th edition of the Sacramento News and Review. Portions of the night’s festivities will be recorded for broadcast on an upcoming episode of “Cinema Insomnia”.

Admission is only $10 in advance through tickets.com. At the show, pay only $9 if you come in drag or costumed as a character from an Ed Wood film. Proceeds benefit EDWOODSTOCK II, slated for October 2005. “EDWOODSTOCK” starts at 6 P.M. on Sunday, October 17, in the main auditorium of the Crest Theater (1013 K Street, Sacramento).

More information can be found on the internet at http://www.cinemainsomnia.com and http://www.thecrest.com


Well, Ed-Woodstock WILL be happening on October 17th at 6:00pm. The tickets will be $10.00 with a discount to people who show up in drag or as a character from an Ed Wood film.

And believe me, ten bucks is a darn good price seeing as how we're going to have three bands, one film, a lot of clips and scenes from Ed Wood's greatest films, wild craziness on and off the screen and the stage. The hosts for the evening's festivities will be Mr. Lobo from television's Cinema Insomnia and Reverend Steve Galindo from the Church of Ed Wood. And we'll be bringing you the full, uncut, original Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi classic film BRIDE OF THE MONSTER!

Sadly, we have lost the Secretions due to a scheduling mix-up of Three's Company proportions, so, yeah, that sucks. It's not their fault. Well, it kinda is, but thankfully we have another band lined up that just might kick their ass, musically speaking.

They're called "SACRAMENTO" and they usually play renegade on the streets of Sacramento outside bars and clubs once they close. They use battery powered amps and pa's. They HAVE played indoors a few times but still, this is a very cool band and it's very rare to be able to get them to play indoors. Plus the guys love Ed Wood and one of the guys in the band is Mickey Secretion, so even though we lost one band, we've gained another band. Su nrise, sunset. Circle of life and all that stuff.


Well, the papers have been signed and the i's have been dotted and the t's have been crossed and now we can safely say without a shadow of a doubt that Ed-Woodstock will indeed be happening on October 17th, 2004. Now, the two hosts for the evening ... myself, Reverend Steve Galindo and television's own Mr. Lobo ... are trying to look BEYOND the date and begin to focus on the specifics and logistics of the actual event. This is a very exciting time!

First off, the lineup is officially set with The Helper Monkeys, Flip the Switch and The Secretions lined up to play at the event. We COULD have had legendary punk band Amazing Transparent Man if we had a bit more of a budget for the show but the lineup that we have right now is, honestly, AMAZING. Each and every band lined up is one of the greatest bands in the world and maybe after this first Ed-Woodstock is a success we can use our budget to get bigger bands like ATM but that is something to worry about AFTER October 17th but as for now we have one of the most AMAZING sets lined up for you. Go to the band's web sites, look for their albums, and get ready for some amazing music this October. By the way, every cent that we make from this event will go STRAIGHT into the future budget for the NEXT Ed-Woodstock (EXCEPT for a small stipend of $47.50 going to myself to go towards the purchase of beer and chicken). What we're working on right NOW is the between bands madness which will include short films, cartoons, old commercials and movie previews, classic scenes from Ed's films and a few skits between myself and Mr. Lobo as well as from-the-heart Woodian preaching. We want the focus to be on the music AS WELL AS the life and works of Edward D. Wood Jr. and we all cannot lose focus on that. So now we're working on the logistics of the event. It is going to be amazing. I am even in talks with one or two of the bands with having them back me up as I sing one of my CLASSIC Ed Wood songs LIVE on stage! That is, if I'm not to chicken.

Finally, we can officially announce our great big ED-WOODSTOCK SAINTHOOD CONTEST, as mentioned on FilmThreat.com. We are having a great contest. The three bands signed up are each working on a top secret Ed Wood song and they will premiere it live on stage. The band with the best song, voted on by the audience, will be legally cannonized a saint LIVE on stage! This is not a lie. This is not a practical joke. We are not bullshatting you! One of these bands will become a legal saint on stage! You do NOT want to say that you missed out on the first ever ED-WOODSTOCK! SO MAKE PLANS NOW!


I had first thought that getting bands to play Ed-Woodstock would be difficult, so the Church of Ed Wood started the process of getting bands as early as March, thinking that almost all the bands that we'd try to get would turn the festival down. Surprisingly enough, almost all the bands said yes, leaving us with enough interested bands to play some sort of outdoor two day festival, way bigger than we had first anticipated. It is nice to know, however, that there are a lot of high profile bands out there that love Ed Wood and what he stands for and maybe when we start getting ready for Ed-Woodstock II, maybe we can make it a bigger show at a bigger venue and we can bring them back into the fold of Woodism. As for this year, unfortunately, we have had to say good-bye to some incredible bands like Grand Buffet, Honeyspot, the Phenomenauts, Jackpot, and a handful of others.

So, after a ton of e-mails and telephone calls and more e-mails and more telephone calls, the current lineup for the 2004 Ed-Woodstock festival looks like this ...

The Helper Monkeys

Flip the Switch

The Secretions

... and we are currently in talks with legendary genius Chicago band Amazing Transparent Man to have them work their tour schedule around our show. As for the Ed Wood part of the festival, we are looking to show Ed's classic film "Bride of the Monster" starring Bela Lugosi and Tony McCoy.Personally, I feel as if "Bride" is the more commercially viable of Ed's films. "Plan 9 from Outer Space" is more of a late night cult classic but "Bride of the Monster" is the better put-together film altogether. Plus, Mr. Lobo from television's Cinema Insomnia will be supplying movie clips, old commercials, old movie previews, and a lot more outro strangeness between bands.It's really starting to come together. More later.

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